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Suggested to convert this daily food alert to national attention:

Atticus Finch, Dan Abrams,
Colleen Marshall, Loretta Lynch, Marcia Clark,
Jerry Springer, Mark Geragos, Alan Dershowitz,
C.A. Nix, Kurt Ludlow, Robert Reich,
Randall Robinson, Bridgette Roman.



Note this date... 10 April, 2015... or on any given day the
CDC posts food alerts... the nation's most dire threats
to our food supply, including:

Mad Cow

The major daily newspapers have a fresh list daily.  The
public needs more than what is available presently.
This website may be the answer once made available
to a wider audience.  Above is a list of communicators
to make it happen. 

Interest?  < thegrumpygourmet@gmail.com >

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years. They could be clicked for history of the food
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... Welcome back... try this appetizer... dated may 30... food stories are moving away from that famous diabetic... Paula Deen... and Michelle's back yard patch of greens... the New York Times ran with this tasty bit... the lead paragraph...


...COUSIN... what is not noted in that yarn... TILAPIA is a farm raised fin fish

best sourced in the clean waters of Columbia and Peru...along the waters of the Pacific ocean...not some filthy tank not inspected in remote Chinese provinces...

....need more for food talk fodder??? ...scroll this website...say you read it here second...


Click on the Headlines to View the Story.

TALK show callers will go bonkers with this one...the GOP defends Pink Slime hamburgers???

Top Repubs tour beef plant and see nothing wrong with use of ammonia to kill bacteria (read e.coli) and treat fatty scraps before they are ground into school lunch patties and cheap eats for a market near you. Again, cousin, fault the media for grossing out consumer. Question: In this nation's four food groups -- pizza, pasta, Chinese and hamburger -- will there be a plank in the August GOP convention to outlaw pizza?

Poor Whole Foods...they took a punch on this one for selling "organic foods" found on their shelves while clearly marked PRODUCT OF CHINA.
The upscale and pricey chain copped a plea by saying they rely on private inspectors in China to certify organic status. The packaging label reads CALIFORNIA BLEND. The chain pitches "locally grown" across the nation... but...check your packaging of stir fry, peanut butter, cauliflower, strawberries...even sugar snap peas. Callers: Start by dumping on lack of USDA jurisdiction for all imported foods, then search out a farm market in your own Zip Code.

Good news for cigarette puffers; Fed judge snuffs out grisly labels FDA wanted on labels.

Tobacco companies objected to intent to showcase bodies on an autopsy table, a smoker blowing smoke through a tracheotomy hole in his throat....those legal weed outfits contend their constitutional rights were violated...funeral homes can prep to receive 443,000 bodies this year... callers may ask if cemeteries have smoking and non-smoking plots...

Paula Deen shocked by lack of peer and public support following her diabetes revelation...
the butter and grease fry cook came out of the cupboard a bit late to win foodie friends...look for her next move...she'll find someone to ghost her "I'm Cured" book...Oprah will book her for the OWN midnight slot... she'd be a good fit on The Chew...

What HuffPost says is, in a measure, screw all this talk about foie gras, a cruel delicacy to many.
Huff makes a case for more crushing worldwide food issues...blue fin tuna for one...feedlot beef...talk issues, here's a starting point...

Organic arsenic?
Inorganic arsenic?
Talk about splitting hairs...

a Consumers Union scientist said banning a Pfizer drug used in chicken feed is "long overdue." FDA says 3-Nitro will continue to be sold. Start a campaign: Everytime you buy chicken in a market, ask the counter person if the packaged chicken was raised on the 3-Nitro carcinogen?
Blank stares will result.

26 June 2011
There aughta be a law...

When Missouri lawmakers were considering a bill to expand the use of handguns for deer hunting, they didn't do it on empty bellies...the National Rifle Association bought their lunch...they have a new meaning for that Show Me slogan...should be Show Me The Loot... deer hunting with a .45???

...a menu change tonight for dinner in Missouri...

Chinese vitamin plants never inspected... Foreign drugs, medical devices flawed... FDA alert system, circa 2001, still not working...
New FDA food-drug boss overwhelmed, make that alarmed over agency's ability to monitor stuff coming into USA; too many ports of entry, too few inspectors; China authorities "in many instances" refuse to cooperate as they continue to ship in "counterfeit" ingredients; Obama backed tough enforcement, but GOP senate refused to fund food cops..

Fifty six diners made ill after meal in Ohio eatery;

law firm specializing in food-poisoning litigation takes case after woman dies; salmonella blamed; restaurant already has settled five other potential claims...Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm has the case...


New food safety problems popping up in China...
Diseased pigs used for bacon; corn used to make noodles...

rotten meat used to make sausages; pork sold as "Tron blue" because bacteria made it glow in dark... tainted food scandals so numerous the government has lost control...and, yes, China food exports find happy market shelves in the USA. Can we talk???

Get out your Muggers Express card...
Our State Department tallied 111 Americans killed
in Mexico in 2010...mostly near the border...

If your travel plans call for vacations or business in Mexico, that taco government said 15,000 of its citizens were knocked off...but the good news is that most were gangsters...bad guys, druggers... Comforting, isn't it???

101 Best Restaurants in America???
Talk about a debate issue in this country...

The only reason we pass this along is the editor/compiler, Colman Andrews...highly respected when it comes to restaurants and the food on the plates...101??? Read his intro comments on the 101, but for meat of the debate, scan down on each for the comments of readers, there's the debate heat...example, Arthur Bryant's in KC. Now there's a joint that invites varied opinions. The big plus for Coleman's "best" list...he enlisted 30 legit reviewers/critics to assist. Talk about grist for a food TALK show... this is grist for best...

Pack your dental records if this NYTimes story is appealing...

If you go, have a valid Muggers Express secured in a zippered belly pack. NYTimes ran a puff piece praising the food scene in Tijuana...noting that crime has dropped nearly 40 percent in the region...later noting that 2008 was the high mark for crime... murders, kidnapping, drug cartels...well, all that should lure mobs back to Caesar's for raw egg on dressed-up romain...oh, 2008 Tijuana tallied 843 murders. Kabul looks good for summer tourism...

In New York a tub of KFC chicken may not be with a Kentucky recipe...
There's a chicken war going on in the Big Apple, one that has that old southern tintype, Colonel Sanders, boiling and roiling in his heavenly deep fat fryer. Afghan fry cook Abdul Haye owns a trademark for his version of KFC...Kennedy Fried Chicken. Haye even has his own "secret recipe" sauce. More than we need to know: NYC has more than 350 Afghan-owned chicken joints.

The most written-about health problem...apparently the least-read...
Obesity. Every newspaper, magazine, blogger, website, classroom, comic...even the new Oprah network devotes endless energy to the
fat problem...NYC's mayor may try to ride into the White House on a campaign to kill off fat foods. Download this link and see your future in a yellow T-shirt. Click into the chart image at the bottom and find out the second reason to avoid moving to Mississippi.

You are what you eat. Scary, isn't it?
Thanks to Taco Bell flap over just what is in that shell...???s are being asked ...when Comedy Central's Colbert Report read the first of Taco Bell's troubles after a lawsuit was filed, one of the posted ingredients...one, Colbert said, was sand... on the required list of ingredients that element you are passing through your alimentary canal is listed as silicon dioxide. So, the Wall Street Journal went after the fast fooders as a bunch. Of the 20 chains contacted, most of them declined to respond. Silicon dioxide? Ya want fries with that?

Ever wonder how Fed tax dollars are wasted?
New web probe, junket sleuth, tracks excess spending of Uncle Sam's dollars...you're spending for smoked almonds, hotel room massages for two, all the travel goodies that should not be.. ...get involved, be bitched off...

Food paste debate:
Huffington Post now doing food items certain to gross out stomachs; download this only on
empty belly with close friend or med help nearby, 'mechanically-separated-meat-chicken-nugget' that, Wikipedia notes, needs further verification... regardless this business of Mechanical Cuisine is with us bigtime...could be hot for TALK shows...

Send in the troops:
Eggs loaded with salmonella from Iowa packer sickens users in 10 states; family-owned firm has history of paying heavy fines rather than cleaning up their mess

Seaweed-wrapped nuts:

China's taste for pecans
creates new markets for
US growers; pickled nuts
and sushi treatments
in 'donkey hide glue' ...

50 fattest state foods:

Fat, calorie travel guide,
vote your worst state
offerings; Grump opts
for Alaska to be atop
Avoid List, Ohio next...

Sausage biscuit bowl

Those celebrity chefs?
Can they cook? Are
they just selling books?
Here's list of things
they won't tell you...
Credit Smart Money.

When will we learn?
We can't pronouce
the name, but FDA
says diet pill can
end all ills - DEATH
after liver damage...

Magic obesity drug?
Not so fast, some
patients lose girth,
but FDA still has
???s, says results
'underwhelming' ...

Packaged death?
Food processors
can't ident sources
as they still play
Russian Roulette
with their brands...

Peanut Corp. flops
repeatedly when it
comes to salmonella
checks; why doesn't
FDA padlock joint?

Cute, but deadly:
Heart Attack Grill
really exists, offers
8,000-calorie burger
with warning label.

Dirty Georgia peanut
factory has citations
dating back three
years; Isn't it about
time for lockdown?

...and the Organic
Oscar goes to
Paul Newman...
...praise be ......

Brits big chocolate
factory, Cadbury,
runs up warning
flag after milk scare..

Video 'Must Read'
for those confused
by today's complex
food label listings...

Health literacy has
Wide split between
Reporters, readers...

Pray for Willie Mae.
Fried chicken mecca
Survived Katrina;
Damn thee Gustav...


Attn. travel writers:
Here's video proof
of ship wrecks, crew
rapes, shipboard fires,
sea rescues...cruise
news you missed.


FDA firing blanks:

Warns meat growers
on ills of using human
growth antibiotics in
animals, but who the
hell is listening...

A damn good food site:

Lots of health-related
info on what to eat;
Very commercial, take
with a grain of salt...

Japan diets changing:

Could spaghetti replace
squid sashimi and sole
stew? Fishmongers opt
to overfish fading tuna..

Are we ready for this?

PepsiCo scientists toy
with something called
'designer salt.' Not in
Grump's bag of chips..

You've been warned:

CDC salmonella pod
says dump peanut
butter items until
outbreak resolved;
So much for PB&J.

This is progress?
Wall Street Journal,
now Murdock owned,
takes step backward
by dumping respected
Raymond Sokolov off
restaurant review beat..

Malthus was right:
Sex, war, famine,
disease crowding
what little space
we have on earth;
Follow death throes

Health Canada alarms:
Northern neighhbors
spell out name details
on deadly Hydroxycut
items to avoid, recall,
Skull and X-bones??

Another nut alert:
First it was peanuts,
now market flooded
with pistachio recall;
Kraft alerts FDA...

Maggot mushrooms?
Sounds gross, but
glance over full menu
as approved by Feds
who need help plus
public indignation...


From NYTimes:
Finally, drug risks
get FDA attention;
bogus products
still flood market...

China deals death raps:
When you kill babies,
sicken thousands with
tainted milk in China,
go straight to gallows.

Euell Gibbons was ahead
of his time; Draw on help
of Kitchen Gardeners;
Life may depend upon it.
Get their free newsletter.

Mexican drug wars:
Open warfare, killings,
kidnappings keeping
tourists, El Paso
citizens from crossing
into violent Juarez...

If sushi chefs use
Carp for tuna, you've
Been had; two NYC
Teens have proof

MonkeyDish? Interested?
Hot off the Internet press...
A new, interesting inside
look at the restaurant biz
from an authoritative source.

If that steak has a stench
of ammonia; if your tuna
dinner smells like a sewer,
pull up Uncle Sam's link
and read the bad news.